Waterloo Region is a great place for newcomers to call home.

Our community is thriving, diverse, and exciting.  Residents enjoy the Region’s high living standards and rich culture shaped by immigration from all parts of the world.  Newcomers can choose to live in a mid-sized city community or the countryside.

Our economy is thriving with many job opportunities in a wide range of sectors from manufacturing to high-tech industries.  Waterloo Region is a great place to work.

Our strategic location and skilled workers, as well as our strong economy, make Waterloo Region a great place to invest.

Our learning institutions are highly respected throughout the world.  Waterloo Region is home to world class universities and colleges, and also offers quality education for children.  Waterloo Region is a great place to study.

Our community offers many supports and fun things to do for both children and adults.  There are many organizations that help newcomers to Waterloo Region.   Arts, festivals, parks, sports, farmers’ markets and shopping are a part of life in Waterloo Region.  Waterloo Region is a great place to live.

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