Waterloo Region has a very diverse economy covering a wide range sectors from manufacturing to high-tech industries.  The Waterloo Region area historically has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Ontario.  Find out more about industry and job trends in Waterloo Region.

Making a home in a new county with a different culture is challenging.  For many new immigrants it takes a long time to get established in their chosen field.  There are many things that you can do to help you get a job in your field or a new desirable field.  Find out more about employment strategies for new immigrants.

Accreditation may be required to work in your chosen field in Canada.  The accreditation process evaluates qualifications that you earned outside of Canada.  The process is different depending on your field and whether your profession is regulated or non-regulated.

Looking for a job can be a stressful and difficult process, but there are many organizations that can help.  There are also online guides and many other resources that can help you plan your career and find a job.  Learn more about employment counselling and finding a job.

Canadian experience and networking can help you get a job.  When you are looking for a job most employers will ask you about your Canadian experience.  Many employers may see Canadian experience as a very important reason to hire or not hire someone.  Internships, volunteering and placement agencies are ways to get Canadian experience.  Building a network of other people who have similar jobs, interests or work in the sector where you want to work can also help you get a job.  In some cases, employers will contact someone they know to ask them if they have met anyone who is right for the job rather than advertising the job in the newspaper or through online job banks.

Lists of local businesses, associations, and news can also be helpful in your job search.  Some employers post job opportunities on their company website only.  Local business news can educate you on which companies are doing well and help you discuss recent news while networking and in interviews.

This portal also has information for employers on the benefits of hiring immigrants, finding global talent, and hiring steps and tools.

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