Waterloo Region is a great place for newcomers to call home.  Find out more about the many reasons toChoose Waterloo Region.

Canadian Immigration Process

If you want to immigrate to Canada, there are a few ways to apply.  Decide which Canadian immigration program will work best for you and your family.  Find out about the requirements and the steps to apply in each category.

  • Going to Canada‚Äôs Entry Requirements Tool
  • Immigrating to Canada
  • How can I apply to immigrate to Canada? at Settlement.Org

The immigration entry requirements are not necessarily the same as the things that will give you a successful start in your career in Canada.  You might be interested in Employment Strategies for New Immigrants.

Immigration consultants are paid to help get people into Canada as immigrants and temporary workers.  If you use an immigration consultant you should be sure this person is licensed.  There are problems with unlicensed immigration consultants in Canada and other countries.  Find out more about immigration consultants and lawyers at Settlement.Org.

Coming to Waterloo Region

Before you arrive there are many things you can to make your arrival in Waterloo Region easier.  Find out more about the things you can do to prepare for life in Waterloo Region and feel at home more quickly.

After you arrive has a number of things to do in the first few days that you are here.  Find out more about getting a Social Insurance Number and Health Card, finding emergency phone numbers, where to get help, and many other tips.

As you settle, you might also be interested learning more about Canadian Culture and understanding Canadian good manners and etiquette.

Read news, information and stories about Settling in Canada, Immigrant Stories and more on the canadianimmigrant.ca online magazine.

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